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Fixido works with partners who collect leads around the world. The leads come from individuals, companies as well as authorities and organizations. Fixido matches these requests with our client companies. When you find a matching lead, you can buy the contact information and then contact the end user to discuss the offer and give your quote. Fixido conveys thousands of requests per month in several different categories in many different markets. We help our clients to find new customers.



To get contact information for a lead that you are interested in, you simply make a purchase on Fixido. Fixido sells on a pay-per-lead basis. We have no subscription or binding period. We want to make it easy to find and buy what is interesting and match your business. You decide what leads you want to buy and how often. Fixido shows you all the information we know about the leads before the purchase, for you to get an idea of how interesting the deal is. When buying a lead, you automatically get direct access to all the contact information that we have. Payment is made via credit card, bank transfer or via monthly invoice.



Prices are determined by our partners and vary for different leads depending on the transaction value, the actual category and where in the world the request is made. You can find inquiries from about 7 USD per slot. Most leads cost about 25-40 USD per lead slot (normally we sell up to 5 slots per lead). One slot means that one supplier get the contact detail. The cost can you compare to what it would cost to find a new customer via e.g. advertising, telemarketing or trade shows. Instead of spending time, resources and energy to make tedious cold calls, you can now instead use our leads to find customers who are looking for exactly what you offer and in your region. Fixido give you customers who will hopefully become your best repeating and loyal customers.



We work hard to maintain high quality in our leads. However, it can always happen that something goes wrong or being misunderstood, but then we try our best to correct it quickly. If the lead does not correspond to what was promised, we will refund your money. If the contact information is incorrect and you cannot get hold of the end customer or if it is a significant problem with the lead we return your money back. We also pay your money back if the customer is not interested in more quotes or already decided upon another supplier.

The Fixido guarantee is valid in the following cases:

  • Contact information is not valid (either phone or e-mail)
  • The client is not interested in anymore quotes
  • The customer has already decided to go for another supplier
  • Lead is purchased at full price (not bid / auction)
  • Significant errors in the information on the lead description
  • No contact (No answer from at least three attempts to make contact with at least 1 day apart)

Support and assistance

We are here to help you. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or our chat on the website. We can help you get started and explain our service and system. Furthermore, we can assist you in filtering and customizing your free lead subscription so that you receive notifications whenever new matching jobs are added to Fixido marketplace. Our system supports several advanced features that we would be glad to show if you are interested to automate or integrate your systems with ours. We can also offer you a sales support system (CRM) if you need it.

We are constantly developing our services with new features to make it convenient for you to find new customers. Do you have tips for us on how we can improve, please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback. And above all, Fixido and our partners always make every effort to get new good leads for you to try.


When you bought a lead and received contact information please make sure to contact the user immediately. They are waiting for suitable suppliers to contact them and are often about to make a decision rather soon. Obviously, not all respond to the first call, so you might have to try again a few times until they answer. Introduce your company and explain why you contact them. In our leads description you often find information about what website the end user made their request and it is convenient, but not necessary, to refer to it.
  • Try to get to a meeting with the customer
  • Provide a quote and follow up
  • Remember that not all customers will decide directly


Fixido work exclusively with approved partners that collect leads. No users make inquiries direct on the Fixido site. Fixido is a marketplace for leads and Fixido work exclusively with companies who want to acquire new customers. Our professional partners are working in many different ways to collect leads. The most common is that end users fill out a form on a web page where they specify their requirements. End users find this a very convenient way to easily get in touch with appropriate suppliers. Our partners promise contact with a number of suppliers (normally up to 5) and we aim to fulfill this promise. We are always transparent and show how many suppliers already made contact (refer to no of Slots per lead). We do all this to give you as our customer a clear picture of the lead and what opportunities you have to win the deal.



  • Fixido conveys thousands of hot leads from customers worldwide.
  • We work with dedicated partners who finds all the leads that we convey to you.
  • You purchase the contact details of the leads that interest you.
  • If something is wrong or the deal is already over, you get your money back.
  • Fixido has no fixed charges or periods.
  • We are here to help you. Please call + 46 (0)8 551 194 10 + 46 (0)8 551 194 10 to get started now.


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