Here you enter your search phrase and search to find your leads.


Now you can bid on the leads that interest you. Add the bid that you think the job is worth, and then it's all handled automatically. We allocate slots available to the bidders with the highest bids.

You can easily place your bid by writing the amount, and click "Place bid”. All bids are possible to change and cancel until the auction starts (you see the time left until the auction at each leads). After the auction, the bidder who wins will get all the contact information directly by email. As usual our generous guarantee applies which means that we pay the money back to the leads that are not ok.

If you have questions or need help with your bids, please contact us and we will gladly help you.


Subscription with bid

Fixido can automatically monitor all the jobs that suit you with a bid of your choice. Start a subscription with bid and the system automatically add a bid for all leads that match your filters. Then you do not have to manually monitor and bid each time a new lead shows up. When the auction starts Fixido system send the lead to the bidders with the highest bid. You will receive an email with your bids and be able change or delete before the auction starts. If you win the auction, you get all the contact information directly in the email.


As always, our guarantee applies and if there are any problems with the leads, we pay your money back. The bidding is simple, smart and perfect if you don’t want to miss any good business opportunities.


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